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Land Rover

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

We are Lake Norman's Land Rover specialists.  Customers come from far and wide to get the expert care their Land Rover and Range Rover needs, at a fraction of the dealer's cost.

We service all models of Land Rover and all the Range Rover variants, all the way up to the current model year.   Although many shops say they "service" Land Rovers, many shops lack the in depth knowledge and special tooling to properly and accurately carry out the needed diagnostics and repairs.


Thanks to our online connection to Land Rover North America, we have the latest diagnostics and software updates for your Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. We have the same capability as the dealer, for a fraction of the cost.

Much of our success is linked to our commitment to adhering to the high standards Land Rover expects from their dealers.  We go above and beyond what most independent shops do, by subscribing to the same Service Information and Diagnostic Software that the dealer uses.  This gives us the ability to complete any repair that might be needed for your Land Rover.  That means we can replace keys, program (upgrade or replace) control units, reset service lights, calibrate sensitive components and so much more.

Land Rover Range Rover Keys Programming Dealer Level

The ability to program Land Rover keys is one of many things that separate a specialist like Autohaus Lake Norman from general repair shops.

If ANY shop ever told you, that you needed to take your car to the dealer, more than likely Autohaus Lake Norman can fix it, and fix it for less.  We service more Land Rovers and Range Rovers than any other independent in the area, because customer's know we take our British Fleet very seriously.