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Tires & Alignment


At Autohaus Lake Norman,we do our own tires and alignments.  We carry tire brands like Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear and so many more.  We can often times fit factory replacements, or if you have a certain brand, tread type, performance spec or even budget in mind, we can certainly make recommendations.

We also service Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

We perform 4-wheel alignment service to keep your car handling properly, tracking straight and help you get the most out of your tires.

Our alignment machine is the best in the business.  With a brand new Hunter Engineering "Hawkeye Eite", we can give your car the most accurate alignment.   Hunter Engineering was developing a tool to rival the Mercedes-Benz Romess Tool for measuring ride height.  Since Mercedes doesn't give Ride Height in a linear mesurement, but instead, an angular measurement, only Mercedes dealers are able to accurately enter vehicle ride height to calculate alignment specs.  Most shops either guess at the ride height or simply refuse to align.  We are one of the first shops to receive Hunters brand new tool based on the Romess design to give the same angular measurements as the factory Romess tool.  That means we can give Mercedes-Benz customers an alignment only rivaled by the dealership.


We are very familiar with factory setups and adjustments, and have a wide variety of tools like Mercedes Toe-bar, eccentric bolts, digital angle gauge, BMW Camber Adjusters and loading weights to ensure you get the most accurate alignment.

Also from the industry leading Hunter Engineering is our GSP 9700 Road Force Balancer.  Not only is it a diagnostic tool to help pinpoint vibrations and defective tires, but it can find minor imperfections in a rim and in a tire, then match them together so they cancel each other out.  This is a feature that standard balancers cannot do.

Here are a few brands we routinely install:

Continental TireGoodyear Tires





Hankook TiresMichelin Tires






Pirelli Tires

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