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Autohaus Lake Norman is skilled at VW and Audi.   Our ASE Certified technicians offer exceptional service with premium parts to help keep your Volkswagen and Audi on the road longer, for less.

We take specialized training specifically on VW and Audi to make sure we stay current on technology & repair techniques which alleviates unnecessary repairs.

We offer all aspects of repair, from scheduled maintenance & state inspections to advanced electrical diagnosis, engine repair and module coding & initialization.

Offboard Diagnostic Information System,
a.k.a. "ODIS". Audi's current platform for diagnostic and repair.

We are setup with Volkswagen & Audi factory diagnostics, called "ODIS".  This allows us to do software updates on your vehicle, program keys and install components that are locked to a car via "component protection".    Just another way we offer our customers complete dealer level service on their VW and Audi!

Whether your VW or Audi needs tires, state inspection, routine service, brakes, advanced drivability or electrical diagnosis, Autohaus Lake Norman can handle your needs!

VW Audi ODIS Service dealer repair factory diagnostic

 Why does having "factory diagnostics" benefit you?   Many repairs to your Audi vehicle require a software update, or can be remedied with just a software update.  Very few shops outside of the dealer network can do these software updates, since they require a huge commitment from the Repair Facility and a direct connection to VW/Audi Headquarters.  Because we went through the needed requirements, we can offer this service outside of the dealer network saving you time, money and stress!



What makes us unique:

  1. We use factory tooling.  Most shops use generic Diagnostic Tools.  These are not "state of the art" like claimed, they are basic tools that give basic information.   We use the same  ODIS Diagnostic Terminal as the dealer.  Our tooling is not a cheap China clone.  It comes from Volkswagen/Audi Group and therefore is fully supported and functional, just like the dealer.  It doesn't stop there!  We also have the specialized hand tools needed to service these vehicles.  From Timing Fixtures to the Secondary Air Injector Port cleaning tools for the V6 Engines.
  2. We have access to Factory Service Information.  Most shops use generic service information that is often incomplete, outdated or just plain incorrect.  This leads to poor diagnosis and improper repairs.  Our factory subscription gives us current, complete and accurate service information, wiring diagrams and service bulletins.
  3. We use the best parts available.  If there is a "top tier" aftermarket part available, we will use it.  This saves us money, which in turn saves our customers money.  If there is no aftermarket part available that meets our standards, we will use a genuine part.  QUALITY is our primary focus.  Audis are an investment and we do everything we can to protect that investment.
  4. We do keys!  Most shops cannot program security components or keys.  We are NASTF accredited and maintain a valid GeKo ID approved to handle all of your immobilizer issues.  Need a spare key?  Need the Component Protection removed?  Software Update (SVM Management)? No problem!  We are the shop that other repair shops take their vehicles to when their info and tooling fail them.

VAS 6154 Interface. Can be used wirelessly or connected via cable for error free communication (important when doing software). A genuine interface like this and live connection to Audi unlocks the full potential of the ODIS System.

Whether you need service, repairs or both, we can handle all your Audi models including R8!