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Do I have to have my car serviced at the dealer while under warranty?

NO!  This is a common misconception often perpetuated by the dealer.   It is against the law for dealers to imply that your warranty will not be valid if you do not return to the dealer for service.  The caveat to that, is whoever services your car, must use factory approved parts, fluids and procedures.  You warranty can be voided if services are not done at the correct intervals, services are not done correctly or inferior parts and improper fluids are used.   At Autohaus Lake Norman, we use top quality aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OE specifications (sometimes we even use OE parts) as well as our fluids meet manufacturer approvals.  Since we also use factory service information, there is no doubt the procedures are done similar to what is done at the dealer.   Long story short, you can safely have your car serviced at Autohaus Lake Norman and still keep your factory or extended warranty intact!

Can you guys do CPO Warranty?

Factory warranty, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) warranty and recalls MUST be done at a franchised dealer. Since the manufacturer foots the bill for these types of repairs, the main dealer is the only place that can perform these types of "covered" repairs at no cost to you.
However, we gladly accept third party extended warranty. These are warranties that are not backed by main dealer, only sold through them. If you have a third-party extended warranty, we are glad to inspect, estimate and contact the warranty company on your behalf to expedite the claims process.
If you are EVER in doubt as to what type of warranty you have, we will be glad to take a look at your contract and advise accordingly.

I had my Mercedes at another shop and they said my car had to go to the dealer because Mercedes-Benz wouldn’t sell them the part.

This happens very often and the truth is, 99.9% of the time, you DO NOT have to go to the dealer, you just need to find a shop that specializes in Mercedes.  Certain parts such as Ignition Switches, Steering Column Locks, Shifters, Valvebodies, etc.. are considered "Theft Related Parts" (TRP).  In order for a shop to purchase these parts to install on a customer's car, they must be a registered locksmith and register with Mercedes-Benz USA as such.  Most shops don't qualify or take the time to go through the procedure, therefore they can't purchase the parts.  Autohaus Lake Norman is licensed, insured, bonded and completed background check to be able to participate and regularly purchases TRP parts to fix our valued customer's cars.  

Why do you emphasize “dealer level” when you are just an independent?

Technology has come so far on the modern vehicle that each car brand requires a specialized diagnostic computer to gain access and interpret the proprietary information manufacturers design into their cars.  Generic diagnostic tools are available to the public and repair shops, however their use is very limited.  With the years of dealer experience our techs have collectively amassed, it is quite clear to us that in order to fix ALL of our customer's concerns and fix them right the first time, we needed the same access the dealer has.  Therefore, for most of the cars we service, we have the same diagnostic tools, the same service information, the same access to Technical Service Bulletins, etc...   that the dealer network has.  This makes diagnostics quicker and more accurate.  This also makes repairs go smoother and allows us to complete a task from start to finish, without having to tow a vehicle to the dealer for programming or security access like so many other shops do.  This is turn, keeps YOUR costs down and also gets you back in your car faster.

Should I get my services done elsewhere and just bring you my car when it needs repairs?

Although it is a free country and you may do as you wish, it is not advised!  Often times, mechanical failures can be avoided by proper service.  If regular services are skipped over or not done properly, it can lead to additional repairs that could have been avoided.  If you let Autohaus Lake Norman do your regular maintenance, we can ensure the correct services are done, done correctly and can often spot issues BEFORE they become major.  There are several "pattern failures" often overlooked by "quick lubes" and "general repair" shops that when identified and fixed early, can prevent very costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

Are you guys cheap?

Cheap?  No.   Cheap implies "inferior quality" and our parts and services are anything but inferior.  We use top quality aftermarket parts and often times genuine OE parts.  We also use factory service information and factory diagnostic equipment to give our customers the best possible repair.  We can save you money over a visit to the dealer which equates to spending less money, but certainly not "cheap".