Specialty Services


In order to be the most effective to the diverse needs of our customers, we offer very unique services that are typically not found in other repair shops.    For instance, although we are licensed to order factory replacement keys, in some instances we can actually cut and program a blank Key/remotes.   This can sometimes save HUNDREDS of dollars!!!





All features of this unit including correct mileage were functional after wiping cluster and programming to vehicle.

Here is a used Instrument Cluster for a Mercedes C-Class.   At the time this vehicle was in the shop for repair, a new Cluster was not available from Mercedes and the original cluster was not repairable.    So to remedy, we sourced a known good spare.   Normally once a unit is programmed to another car, it will never work right in another.  We have the capability to reset it back to "factory state" and then programmed it to the vehicle as if it were a "new" part.

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